Many artists find it hard to balance creativity while at the same time staying true and authentic to ones purpose, yet this is not the case for LA-based musician WRENN. Mixing soulful, thoughtful lyrical content with 90’s-esque, grunge instrumentation; the essence of WRENN’s music is both reminiscent of the past, and a portal into the near future. Though born in LA, WRENN is undeniably a child of the world. Her early years were spent continuously on the road with a multitude of touring artists, pushing the exposure to a multitude of cultures and experiences to undeniably seep into her music and art. In between two national tours, recording a debut EP, filming and directing six music videos, WRENN has taught herself web-coding, video game design, and created two websites which she describes as “an online, personalized extension of the EP”. One of the sites, an interactive, hand-painted world and VR platform based on characters that she invented and drew to individually each represent a song on the EP,  becoming available for exploration with the drop of the EP.  WRENN describes her music, and art, as “created to make people feel something. Each aspect of what I create is made to enhance the user’s experience. The sole purpose is to communicate what I feel, I want to make other people feel the way I do, and above all to get them to understand.”


2016          cease fire !

2016          im tired of being alone

2016         You

2015          Insight

2014         A lullaby for the boy who knows who he is

2014          Afterthoughts